Zillow + REC : Supercharge your Zillow Buyer Leads and Retain Pre-Qualifications

We are very excited to let you know about our new strategic partnership with Zillow.com. REC and Zillow are working together to ensure your loan officers get the most out of buyer mortgage leads and set-up 2021 for a breakout year. 

Results with REC + Zillow

  • • REC empowers MLO’s to enter new markets and expand upon their business by connecting with more buyers and real estate agents.
  • • 94% of buyers managed by REC close with the original MLO.
  • The REC process gets buyers out looking at homes and under contract 20% faster.
  • REC consistently nurtures and closes buyers with a time frame of more than a year.
We are looking for Realtor teams and Loan Officers nationwide to work with Zillow and REC exclusive buyer leads. 
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REC + Zillow: Supercharge your Buyer Leads 
This webinar will go over how Real Estate Connection and Zillow work together to supercharge the buyer experience and work with LO’s and Real Estate Agents in a team-like fashion to convert more deals. Learn what the REC team does to help you close more deals, retain buyers and connect with agents all across the United States.
When: Wednesday December 23rd, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM EST
Register for the upcoming Webinar, discussing Zillow + REC. 
Download the Zillow + REC Fact Sheet.  REC + Zillow

Zillow + REC Tech Connect Offering:

  • 85% of buyer leads/pre-quals coming from a MLO do not have a Realtor – REC solves this issue and helps to lock the buyer lead/pre-qual to the MLO.
  • REC pairs buyer leads/pre-quals with a local 5-star Realtor to work with the MLO in a team like fashion nationwide.
  • REC Realtors all sign a 2-year Virtual Desk Agreement which prevents Realtors from steering buyer leads/pre-quals to another MLO without first refusal.
  • REC manages all buyers from lead origination or pre-approval to close via our REC Connect Transaction Management system.
  • MLO’s get access to the REC B.E.S.T. Concierge team that will manage all aspects of the transaction — phone outreach, buyer stage updates, appointment scheduling and more.
  • REC provides long term buyer engagement and reports back as needed; reducing the need to constantly follow up for a status or look for an opportunity.
  • REC helps to develop a reciprocal relationship with the local Realtor and broker team.
  • REC provides Bi-Weekly Buyer KPI Metrics and Scorecard Performance Reporting.
  • MLO’s, Agents and Buyers have access to the REC Connect (Centralized Lead Management and Reporting System).
We are 100% positive you will be pleased with the value, insight and performance REC provides.