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Introducing WayFinder by Real Estate Connection (REC), the ultimate Realtor Management Software solution. WayFinder is not just a platform; it’s a comprehensive tool that encompasses all aspects of Realtor Assignments, Coverage Areas, Realtor Updates, Milestone Tracking & Pipeline Status and facilitates seamless Group Communication between Loan Officers and Realtors.

At REC, we understand the importance of efficiency and consistency. That’s why WayFinder seamlessly integrates with leading Point of Sale (POS) or Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM’s), ensuring increased efficiency, higher retention, and a consistent process between the lender, buyer, and realtor.

Our innovative solution empowers lenders to connect buyers with local agents who operate in a team-like fashion throughout the home purchase process. WayFinder is your bridge to success in real estate, making lead conversion smoother and more efficient than ever before.


    WayFinder Connect Enables Lenders To:


      • Assign agents to your local panel.
      • Add/Remove agents as needed.
      • Dynamic Map and Performance-based assignment.
      • Assign raw leads or pre-approved buyers.
      • Integrate agent and buyer data directly into CRM.


      • 3-Way Email and Text Message Engagement.
      • Dedicated Call Support and Buyer Engagement Team.
      • LO and Realtor Team-like engagement.
      • MLS Home drip search and physical property access.
      • Integrate agent and buyer data directly into CRM.


      • Life Time buyer retention and service level agreement.
      • Dedicated conversion team and boots-on-the-ground agent.
      • Follow-up dates and note management.
      • Agent performance tracking and ranking.
      • Consistent disposition management and deal management.
      • REC RESULTS:

        • Retain 94% of your issued pre-qualifications.
        • Close your buyer leads 20% faster.REC Connect will produce bi-weekly buyer updates to assigned LO or branch
        • Specific Buying stage and sub-stage insight/ reporting available to LO
      • REC has the ability to offset the Leading Partner's advertising spend through purchasing of pre-qualified buyer leads or lead acquisition reduction cost
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“I’ve been working with Real Estate Connection for the past year and love the team. They provide me with qualified buyers and top lenders to work with. My business is growing, and I appreciate their partnership.”

Marissa Seloff, San Antonio, Texas