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Real Estate Connection – Flatworld Mortgage Solutions provides seamless solutions to help reduce the cost to originate, improve loan performance and expand operational capacity.

We offer complete or component-based turnkey services, including processing, underwriting, and closing functions structured to create efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver compliant, quality loans to the market.

FWMS works is conducted within our client’s Loan Operating Systems (LOS), wrapped and enhanced by our proprietary technology solutions, which incorporate client-specified guidelines, rules, workflow, and tracking functionality with increased communication through the process.

Real Estate Connection – Flatworld Mortgage Solutions 

5,000+ employees, servicing 5 top 20 lenders


  • Loan Set-up- File Opening, Initial Disclosures
  • Dosument Indexing- Paystubs, Tax Returns, Bank Statements, etc.
  • Third-Party Ordering- Appraisal, HOA, VOE, Title, etc.
  • Processing Checklist – Income Calculation


  • File Updating and Condition Review
  • Underwriting Checklist Completion – Pre-Underwriting Audit, Continual Review, Exceptions, and Waivers
  • Appraisal Review – USPAP, Comparables, Collateral Underwriter

Pre-Closing Audit 

  • CD Balancing
  • Assistance to Closer
  • Review of  Prior to funding conditions


  • Quality Control Review
  • Post-closing audits
  • Trailing Docs
  • TRID reviews
  • Additional loan audit functions

Loan Servicing Support 

Technology and Administrative Support

  • IT Help Center Support 
  • LOS and CRM Integrations
  • Automation and Task-based bots
  • Accounting Support – Bookkeeping, Data entry, monthly reconciliation
  • Vendor Management – Compliance Management and Onboarding

Benefits of working with REC

  • Retain and convert more purchase buyers (realtor management company URL link)
  • Monitor and convert your pre-approvals with a local partner agent
  • End-to-End fulfillment for mortgage and financing operations
  • Save 40% on origination and employee cost, close more deals, and work with REC

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