Lender Services

Lenders work with Real Estate Connection to enhance their borrower’s home buying experience.

Real Estate Connection is a boutique nationwide real estate brokerage and technology platform designed to help mortgage lenders increase their funding rates on pre-approved home-buying customers while enhancing the overall customer experience.

REC partners with lenders to set up dedicated real estate arms to enhance buyer fulfillment and increase conversions. REC provides a combination of software and a realtor network to ensure the best execution of purchase transactions.

Realtor Management Company and Software Solution

Our WayFinder Software allows lenders to manage, assign, and track leads and deals and ensure they work team-like with Real Estate Agents. With our software you can set-up your own realtor panel, use our established network or a smart combination of both.

Not interested in managing it yourself?

You can also let REC do all the work; our dedicated staff will manage this process for you. We ensure your customers are matched with hyper-local Realtors who know the market area and can best serve your buyer needs.

Best Execution:

As a lender working with Real Estate Connection you will get the best in customer service and execution. Our Real Estate Concierge Team is here to assist you and your pre-qualified borrowers every step of the way and will ensure they are placed with a hyper-local qualified agent within 24 hours.

Consistent Engagement Process:

We have a proven track record of increasing customer satisfaction and retention ratio for our lender clients by providing a consistent process for their borrowers to follow during the home buying process.

WayFinder - Continuous Client Engagement and Follow-p

All buyers work in a team-like fashion with your local real estate agent and loan officer. Buyers are consistently engaged in a team-like fashion in via text, email and home drip search to get the highest conversion possible.

Nationwide Realtor Network:

We have over 9,800 pre-screened Realtors in our network and stick to the highest standards of quality and service.

REC’n Crew Concierge Service:

Our Real Estate Connection Concierge Team will maintain the relationship with the real estate agent and home buyer throughout the home buying journey all while keeping your loan officers informed and updated on the status.

“The Real Estate Connection team has improved our buyers experience and helped increase our loan funding on the same ad spend. Any lender looking to compete in today’s digital mortgage environment should work with the team at REC.”

– James Berger, EVP CREFCO

Connect to REC

If you are looking to grow your lead capabilities, convert more transactions and inject a better real estate experience for your customers we need to talk.

“I’ve been working with Real Estate Connection for the past year and love the team. They provide me with qualified buyers and top lenders to work with. My business is growing, and I appreciate their partnership.”

Marissa Seloff, San Antonio, Texas