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REC Team Work Advantage

Real Value & Real Partnerships with our Lender Loyal Real Estate Agent Network

At Real Estate Connection (REC), our commitment to collaboration is the cornerstone of our success. It’s our Teamwork Advantage that guarantees our realtors work seamlessly in a team-like fashion with buyers and establishes them as proud members of our trained lender loyal network.

With REC, teamwork is not just a concept; it’s the driving force behind our approach. Our realtors are meticulously trained to create a friendly and collaborative atmosphere that ensures clients feel like they are working with a trusted friend throughout the home buying process.

Introducing REC Protect Closing Management, your assurance that you and your buyers will reach the finish line successfully. Our dedicated agent teams and transaction coordinators are not just committed to closing deals; they’re committed to preserving your buyers as YOUR buyers. Every step of the way, we prioritize care and precision.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to fostering lasting relationships and loyalty. All our realtors are proud members of our Trained Lender Loyal Network, reinforcing the bonds that make REC your ultimate choice in real estate.

REC TeamWork Advantage Program Includes:

Lender Loyalty Agent Network

Real Estate Connections Lender Loyalty Agent Network consists of the top agents in the country that will keep your mortgage brand top of mind to the buyer leads and customer.

Buyer and Seller Support Services

Help members achieve their real estate goals through a variety of full-service solutions including instant offers and bridge solutions.

Teamwork Advantage Program

Buyers can save money at closing through our REC Teamwork Advantage Program—our cash-back benefit that averages $1,000 in savings per transaction.

Buyer Lead Nuturing

Our nurturing protocols leverage co-branded drip campaigns and outreach from our Member Concierge team to keep your leads engaged until they are ready to transact.

Transaction Management System

Our state of the art “Transaction Management System” is what manages all our transactions from start to finish. Our TMS monitors and executes thousands of transactions and updates per day so nothing slips through the cracks and every opportunity that exists happens.

Virtual Back-office Support

Our team can scale to meet your businesses needs. We can inject many value added services to help close transactions on time and without issues. We can also “connect” our industry partners into your business to enhance your programs and help you leverage new business opportunities.


Real Estate Connection integrates with key LOS systems and CRM systems—such as Velocify, Insellerate, BigPurple Dot, Salesforce.com, Zoho, Mortgage Cadence and Encompass—we help increase lead capture, reduce friction, and improve pull-through rates.


Tap in to our data and analytics to understand where your transactions are in the pipeline. Discover opportunities to reconnect with legacy customers and generate new lead transactions.

Online Portal

We provide your team access to an online portal to help manage all your interactions with REC. Our online portal provides up to date information for all transactions in your pipeline, an order placement tool and a help desk support system. We can also integrate our REC solutions into many POS platforms for maximum efficiency.

Connect to REC

If you are looking to grow your lead capabilities, convert more transactions and inject a better real estate experience for your customers we need to talk.

“I’ve been working with Real Estate Connection for the past year and love the team. They provide me with qualified buyers and top lenders to work with. My business is growing, and I appreciate their partnership.”

Marissa Seloff, San Antonio, Texas