Nationwide MLS

Nationwide MLS: Stay connected to your buyers, and keep buyers in your eco-system as they shop online.

Real Estate Connection (REC) and HomeAdvantage are redefining the way home buyers remain engaged within a lender’s ecosystem. Our strategic partnership offers lenders an integrated realtor management solution, combining state-of-the-art realtor management software with access to a nationwide MLS database. This collaboration tackles the widespread issue of buyers being repeatedly redirected across different web portals.

REC streamlines the home-buying process by ensuring a direct and uninterrupted journey for buyers to tour properties directly through a white-labeled MLS product. Our alliance further empowers lenders with robust support tools, including advanced Realtor management software and direct Loan Officer (LO) connections, elevating the partnership between lenders and their clients to new heights.

With REC:

  • Maximize Lead Retention
    • Ensure that potential buyers remain within REC’s ecosystem from initial interest to property purchase, minimizing leakage to external portals and aggregators.
  • Enhance Buyer Experience
    • Provide a seamless, efficient home-buying process with immediate property touring capabilities nationwide.
  • Strengthen Lender Partnerships
    • Offer lenders unparalleled value through direct system integrations, comprehensive management tools, and a dedicated real estate network.
  • Get Buyers Off the Portals
    • Keep buyers within your eco-system, keep them out of other lenders and real estate agents lead funnels.

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“I’ve been working with Real Estate Connection for the past year and love the team. They provide me with qualified buyers and top lenders to work with. My business is growing, and I appreciate their partnership.”

Marissa Seloff, San Antonio, Texas