Supercharge Buyers: The REC First 48 – Realtor Engagement and Transaction Management

The First 48 with REC

Real Estate Connection Buyer Engagement & Transaction Management gets RESULTS. Convert your purchase deals 20%, Retain 94% of your buyers.

We wanted to update you on our REC First 48 Buyer Engagement and Conversion Program. The REC First 48 is Real Estate Connections promise of how we handle all buyers within the first 48 Hours of a buyer being sent to REC.

The REC First 48 ensures all buyers are systemically engaged with Real Estate Connection, our local real estate agent team, and our lending partners with orchestra level precision. REC works with and partners with lenders, real estate brokers, and dozens of lead aggregators to manage the relationships and provide a structured home buying experience for Home Buyers. REC has 9,000 real estate teams and brokers across the United States engaging with home buyers. REC agents work in a team-like fashion with our lending, title, and lead aggregation partners and get better buyers results.

Our REC Lenders experience a 20% higher conversion on buyer leads and retain 94% of their mortgage pre-approval. This all starts with the REC First 48 Buyer Engagement and Conversion Process.

The REC First 48:

Buyer Engagement and Conversion Program

• Real Time – REC Lead Aggregation– REC partners and integrates with your lead aggregators and online lead sources for mortgage and real estate buyer leads.

• 5 – Minute Direct Buyer Engagement – REC Engages with all Buyers within 5 minutes of buyer lead being received and assigns to local REC real estate agent to engage with the buyer.

• 6 – Hour Buyer Lead Conversion – REC Real Estate Agent will immediately engage with your buyer with our REC Home Buying Experience, this include a buyer introduction call, email follow-up, assistance with scheduling the first meeting, realtor engagement, transaction management and more.

• 24 Hour – Realtor Engagement – All REC agents will show buyers 2 properties while the pre-approval process is taking place. We will work in a teamlike fashion to engage the buyer

• 48 Hour – Looking at Homes – We get all of our buyers immediately looking at homes.

• Buyer Retention – All REC agents sign a 2-Year REC Virtual Desk agreement, ensuring your buyer remains your buyer. REC has a 94% buyer retention ratio on pre-qualified buyers.

• Transaction Management – All deals will be managed by the REC Transaction Management portal. You can visit the REC Connect portal here

All of this takes place within the First 48 Hours of the Buyer Lead being sent to REC.
Connect with REC:

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