REC Buyer Engagement Process

The REC Buyer Engagement process provides best practices for buyer lead engagement and conversion in a team-like fashion with our Realtor partners. We call it an engagement process as it takes several strategies over an extended period of time to engage and convert buyers properly. The more in sync all parties work together the better results.

The REC First 48 ensures all buyer are systematically engaged with Real Estate Connection, our local Real estate Agent Team, and our lending partners with orchestra level precision within the first 48 hours.


THE REC First 48 Includes:

•  Buyer Intro Call- REC Calls the Buyer and will live transfer or refer to agent and lending partner.

•  3-Way Text Message – (Realtor, Buyer, and REC)

•  3-Way Email (Realtor, Buyer, and REC), (Realtor, Lender, Buyer

•  REC Buyer Portal Invitation – All buyers are set-up on the REC buyer portal to communicate with Realtors and lenders.

•  Home Drip Search – All buyers are set-up on IDX home drip search.

•  Buyer Follow-up Call – Follow-up Call with Buyer to ensure they connect with lender and Realtor partner.

• Long-Term Management – REC Engages with the buyers in 15,30 and 90-day increments forever.

All buyers with REC experience excellence in communication and guidance form initial engagement to final close and move in.

Grow your business and close more deals with REC!


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