REC Home Center Home Buyers Guide


Real Estate Connection is happy to introduce you to our REC Home Buyers Guide that can help you on your Home buying journey. Included on the Guide are the following important facts, tips and information you may need on your new journey, your way of purchasing your new home. Some important facts are:

  • Home Search Set-up – I have set you up on a home drip search. The URL Is here and saved for your preferences. Link: Homes For Sale

  • Home Tours – Please let me know or anyone here if you have a specific property you’d like to see. We usually can get access the same day.

  • Financing Options – We will need to get our financing option squared away upfront. Regardless of how you are buying the property, sellers will want to have the information readily available to submit within our offer. I have included our lender Chris Doyle from Liberty Home Mortgage if you need a mortgage quote.

In this guide,  you will  learn  about the home buying process.  The materials in this Guide will take you from the initial  application to final closing,  and they’ll  even address the first months of homeowners to show you the kinds of things you need to do to keep your home.

Knowing what to expect will  give you.  the confidence you need to make the best decisions about your home purchase.

REC Home Buyers Guide