Real Estate Connection partners with Flatworld Mortgage Solutions

Real Estate Connection - Flatworld Mortgage Solutions


Real Estate Connection – through our partnership with Flatworld Mortgage Solutions, provides end-to-end support to reduce the cost to originate, improve loan performance and expand operational capacity. We offer complete or component-based turnkey services for processing, underwriting, and closing functions to increase speed and reduce costs.

Menu of Services 


  • Loan Set-up- File Opening, Initial Disclosures
  • Document Indexing- Paystubs, Tax Returns, Bank Statements, etc.
  • Third-Party Ordering- Appraisal, HOA, VOE, Title, etc.
  • Processing Checklist – Income Calculation


  • File Updating and Condition Review
  • Underwriting Checklist Completion – Pre-Underwriting Audit, Continual Review, Exceptions, and Waivers
  • Appraisal Review – USPAP, Comparables, Collateral Underwriter

Pre-Closing Audit:

  • CD Balancing
  • Document prep and assistance to Closer
  • Review of Prior to funding conditions


  • Quality Control Review
  • Post-closing audits
  • Trailing Docs
  • TRID reviews
  • Additional loan audit functions

Technology and Administrative Support:

  • IT Help Center Support
  • LOS and CRM Integrations
  • Automation and Task-based bots
  • Accounting Support – Bookkeeping, Data entry, monthly reconciliation
  • Vendor Management – Compliance Management and Onboarding

Benefits of working with REC and Flatworld Mortgage Solutions: 

  • End-to-End fulfillment for mortgage and financing operations
  • Save 40% on origination and employee cost, close more deals, and work with REC

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