Real Estate Connection Launches REC Connect – Realtor Transaction Management System

REC Connect is designed as a one-stop-shop for lenders and Realtors to manage transactions and pre-approvals.

Gaithersburg, MD – Real Estate Connection (REC), a technology-enabled, data-driven, digital marketing real estate company has launched REC Connect – Transaction Management System. REC Connect transaction management system streamlines the process for mortgage companies and Realtors to monitor and track their transactions online.

REC Connect allows the comprehensive management of the real estate transaction for all parties and through all stages in the process. REC Connect supports Mortgage Lenders, Buyers, Realtors, Brokers, Title Companies, and settlement service providers on one centralized platform. With REC Connect lenders and real estate agents are able to communicate and track the progress of buyers from lead origination, pre-approval, real estate agent assign, looking at homes, contract, title, and final closing.

Cory Brown REC, CTO and COO, said, “Lenders are looking for an efficient and centralized way to manage the real estate transaction from lead origination to closing. With REC Connect we are not only able to manage and track the real estate transaction but with our buyer
engagement specialist team we are able to engage with the buyers and keep things progressing until a successful closing.”

REC Connect engages with the buyer, lender, and title company from lead acquisition to the final closing. REC Connect gives lenders a level of reporting and transparency that they have never had. Lenders can use REC’s nationwide realtor networks or invite their own agents to their exclusive panel. All of REC’s transactions get the REC Protect – 2-year buyer protection guarantee.

REC uses best practices in lead generation and conversion to self source leads. REC partners with the top lenders, real estate agents, and title companies across the country to ensure the buyer has the best possible experience and saves money on the transaction.

REC Connect Transaction Management System:

● REC Direct – Exclusive Buyer Leads and B.E.S.T. Engagement
● REC Select – Hyper-Local Agent Relationships and agent panels
● REC Protect – 2 Year Agent Referral Protection Agreement

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Real Estate Connection (REC) helps lenders/brokers and Real Estate Agents achieve a better real estate experience. REC specializes in lead generation, lead management, increasing transaction conversions, transaction management as well as a host of other exciting reporting and business intelligence capabilities.

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