Real Estate Connection Launches Agent Connect – Fully Integrated Purchase Transaction Management Platform

Agent Connect is a fully Integrated Purchase Transaction Management platform that enables lenders to take control of their Realtor network and scale their purchase pipeline.


May, 1st 2022

Gaithersburg, MD – Real Estate Connection (REC), a technology-enabled, data-driven, digital boutique real estate brokerage, has launched Agent Connect; its integrated purchase transaction system enables lenders to grow and scale their purchase pipeline with qualified realtors across the United States. Agent Connect combines Real Estate Connection’s fully managed lead service and intelligent self-service software. Agent Connect has integrations with major lead aggregators and allows lenders to purchase buyer leads and assign these leads to a qualified local agent in Real Estate Connection’s fully managed environment.

“With Agent Connect, we provide a clear path for lenders to compete and scale in the purchase market; this includes the connection with the lead aggregators, software to assign and manage the realtor and panel, as well as REC’s call center, automation and customer support to convert and retain the buyer. Agent Connect transaction management system streamlines the process for mortgage companies and Realtors to monitor and track their transactions online,” says CEO Brian C. Coester. Agent connect is not just software but a fully managed service and enables the comprehensive management of the real estate transaction for all parties and through all stages.

Jon Harnish, a top producer from Society Mortgage, “I have been working with REC for the past year and it has helped me connect with quality realtors, retain my buyers and grow my business. REC’s been a great business partner for myself and Fairway.”

About Real Estate Connection:

Real Estate Connection (REC) is a boutique real estate brokerage that provides a completely orchestrated experience for buyers Sellers, lenders, title companies, and real estate agents, we act as a centralized and organized fully managed real estate fulfillment service. We play matchmaker for buyers by connecting them with local qualified Real Estate Agents and walking them through the entire home purchase and selling process with the lender partner.

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