Real Estate Connection integrates with Buyer Lead Platform

Real Estate Connection integrates with Buyer Lead Platform

Integration Provides more data and lead options for REC Lender Clients and Realtors

Gaithersburg, MD – Real Estate Connection (REC) has completed an integration with lead platform and expanded upon its lead aggregator integrations. The integration will allow REC Agents and Lenders to get access in real time to tour request buyer leads and history of buyer search data and real-time updates on home search inquiries

“We are excited to integrate the Real Estate Connection platform with This integration gives our REC Agents an additional level of automation and access to the robust lead marketplace as well as valuable analytics and insights in our buyer’s home search progress. For our lenders, this enables us to provide additional mortgage opportunities from a quality lead source and we know in real-time if the buyer is searching on, what type of properties and how frequently. There’s only a handful of lead aggregators that are the Gold Standard for the industry and is one of them” said Brian C. Coester, Real Estate Connection CEO.

The Real Estate Connection and integration provides buyer lead marketplace access as well as robust analytics on buyer home search to its realtor and lender partners in an automated and compliant way. All leads are managed through REC’s lead generation, transaction management, and conversion platform. T

About REC: 
Real Estate Connection (REC) helps lenders/brokers and Real Estate Agents achieve a better real estate experience. REC specializes in lead generation, lead management, increasing transaction conversions, transaction management as well a host of other exciting reporting and business intelligence capabilities.

If you are looking to grow your lead capabilities, convert more transactions and inject a better real estate experience for your customers we need to talk. 

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