HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Real Estate Connection & HomeAdvantage are Joining Forces with Nationwide MLS Coverage

Real Estate Connection (REC), a realtor management company and brokerage, announces the integration of the HomeAdvantage product and nationwide MLS for lender accounts into its core offering.  REC and HomeAdvantage partnership ensures lenders can keep buyers within their ecosystem, driving leads and deals to their mortgage company.

HomeAdvantage, a tech-enabled platform providing nationwide MLS portals along with a nationwide network of real estate professionals, streamlines the home buying and selling process, while also providing consumer benefits to its partners.  HomeAdvantage, (A wholly owned subsidiary of JMG Holding Partners)  provides services to over 100 credit unions and 3 of the top 5 mortgage servicers in the USA. Jason Mitchell, Chairman of JMG Holding Partners stated, “The Real Estate Connection venture allows us to expand our capabilities and provide more resources to its current partners as well as providing more business to our agents nationwide, leading to a better 360-degree client experience.”

The nationwide MLS integration further enhances REC’s lender partners’ capabilities by providing access to an extensive database of property listings and market data for buyers.

“We’re thrilled about the partnership with HomeAdvantage and nationwide MLS into our core offering,” said Brian Coester, CEO of Real Estate Connection. “HomeAdvantage’s widespread adoption among credit unions and banks ensures lenders can maintain client relationships and drive business to their mortgage company. This integration aligns with our commitment to providing innovative solutions and unparalleled service to our clients and partners.”

Real Estate Connection remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional service to clients and partners nationwide. For more information about REC and its expanded core offering, including HomeAdvantage and nationwide MLS integration, please visit

About Real Estate Connection:

Real Estate Connection has been a pioneer in providing innovative solutions for the real estate industry. With a focus on technology-driven solutions, REC is committed to enhancing the experience of buying and selling properties, making it more accessible, efficient, and transparent for all parties involved.

About HomeAdvantage:

HomeAdvantage provides real estate services that help lenders build their purchase mortgage business while providing consumer benefits thus making homeownership more affordable to consumers. The company’s end-to-end real estate program is currently used by more than 100 credit unions and lending partners across the country. Borrowers can use the program to search for homes, research neighborhoods, and property values, connect with one of over 1,300 real estate agents in the 48-state network, and save money when they close on a home. Visit to learn more.

JMG Holding Partners:

JMG Holding Partners is the parent company of Jason Mitchell Real Estate, the nation’s leading real estate team.  JMG specializes in servicing nationwide lenders, search providers, and relocation firms organizations.  Located in 40 states across the US, Jason Mitchell Real Estate refers over 50 Billion dollars a year in referral business from its partnerships, making JMG the largest B2B brokerage in the country. To learn more visit